Let's learn about dying by talking about living.

Compassion, humor, grace, nuance, resources and clarity join together in our dialogues about death, dying and grief as we explore life.

Isn’t talking about death morbid?

Not if you do it right. There are a lot of ways to open the door for understanding and acceptance that invite curiosity rather than dread.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

No. Most people feel isolated and unsettled when they’re going through something unknown, frightening and disorienting. Realizing it’s normal goes a long way toward making it something manageable.


Through workshops, trainings and private consultations, Practically Dying works with individuals and families to help you understand and assess your needs, develop a personalized plan, find the resources you need, and establish a team to support you through the complexities of death and dying.



Practically Dying has a wide variety of entertaining, informative and inspiring presentations for your conference, group, organization or professional workplace. Select from some of the most popular topics or work with Practically Dying’s Certified Thanatologist Kim Mooney to develop a presentation customized for your group’s specific needs.



Dealing with end-of-life issues can be challenging, frightening, emotional and deeply personal. Meet with Practically Dying’s Certified Thanatologist, Kim Mooney for one-on-one or small personal group consultation and receive specific resources, tools, and support to deal with the practicality of your unique situation.