ADEC Connects is one of the member benefits of belonging to the Association for Death Education and Counseling.  Each issue keeps members informed about upcoming events and conference highlights, news about the organization, job postings,  opportunities to participate in research and other projects, and a brief profile of one of the members.  Here’s mine.

Do you have a mentor…..

The mentor who shaped my entire career was Stephen Levine, who recently died.  He helped me face my personal fear of dying when I had cancer, and taught me how to help other people deal with death and loss. I realized there was nothing more valuable that I could do with my life than that.

What advice would you offer…..

Study everything and everywhere.  Don’t narrow your vision to one aspect of this field of work.  This is what makes ADEC such a critical asset to the world!  After a decade in hospice, until I joined ADEC, I saw end-of-life and grief through one lens. In ADEC, I learned how much the field of death and grief encompassed and met a world of practitioners very different than myself. The broader your perspective, the better advocate you can be for healthy death in the world!

What do you think the future holds …..

We have more prospects and more venues than ever to talk about death and loss ‘upstream’, before it’s so personal that it’s too frightening. We are influencing government, medicine, law and most importantly culture with new voices and initiatives that will help all of us create collaborations beyond the siloed professions that have had societal validation in the past.

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