Boulder County at forefront in dealing with death

Kim Mooney Practically Dying Daily CameraThe Longmont woman was in bed one night when she heard a noise in the living room. Her muscles tensed.

She lay there in frozen terror for 15 seconds, remembering the skeleton she had placed in the room earlier that day.

It was just plastic. It couldn’t have moved. Even if it had been real bone, there was nothing dangerous about it. Everyone has a skeleton. Why was she so afraid?

Kim Mooney had incidentally purchased the skeleton because she was afraid of it.

She didn’t want to be anymore.

On some level, she knew a skeleton was a normal part of everyone’s life. Not scary, but rather commonplace. Like death.

Mooney decided to bring the skeleton with her to presentations, to coffee, in her car, and she set it around her house, as a way of taking back the image of the skeleton.

“It was interesting to take a symbol and play with it a little bit and figure out how to get it out of that Halloween rut,” Mooney says.


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