Kim Mooney: Interview tonight at 6pm on NBC’s Channel 9 News

Kim Mooney, founder of Practically Dying, and end-of-life consultant will appear on Channel 9 Next, with Kyle Clark tonight at 6pm with an update about Colorado’s Aid-in-Dying Law.

Colorado’s Aid-in-Dying Law:

Kim will weigh in on statistics and implementation of the law that was put into effect in December 2016. She has held workshops across the state to help health care providers understand the complexities of the law, and avoid some of the problems providers have encountered in other states with similar laws.

Kim Mooney Kim Mooney on Channel 9 interview about Colorado's Medical Aid-in-Dying Law

At this point we need more data to make sure that it works as well as it could for the people for whom it should work. We want the qualitative data, as well as the quantitative.

Prior to founding Practically Dying, Kim worked for more than two decades within hospice at local, state and national levels. During those years, she cultivated a broad set of skills in end-of-life care, crisis intervention and grief support, recognizing that deaths of all kinds in all communities require different kinds of emotional, spiritual and mental understanding and assistance.

In case you missed it…

Watch Kim Mooney’s Channel 9 interview here.

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  1. I’m so sorry to have missed this! Kim is an amazing woman! I love her classes and workshops, they are the best!

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