Session 10: Ritual

Handouts Purpose and Function of Grief Rituals (download) Rituals for Dying and Death (download) A Brief Understanding of Ritual (download) Assignments: Please prepare to discuss: How do you define the […]

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Session 7: Kids and Teens

Handouts Stages of Children’s Concepts/Nagy Sheet (download) Developmental Ages and Possible Reactions (download) Allow Children to Grieve Naturally (download) Teen Grief Patterns (download) Dear Me by Meghan Kinney (download) Assignments: […]

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Session 3: How We Grieve

Assignments Life Transitions – Gains and Losses (download) Scope of Grief Response (download) Grief Styles Doka & Martin (download) Watch VIDEO below (password: lunch&learn) Influences Upon Grief Responses (download) Consider […]

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