Greenwood and Myers Mortuary has built their business on their family values. As Mike Greenwood told me, “You see the same faces all the way through our time together – the people taking care of you when we meet you are the same ones who will pick up your loved one’s body, day or night, guide you through arrangements, help you create the service, and help arrange final disposition of your loved one’s body.” They don’t have a separate sales team or administrative team.

“This way, very very few things can fall through the cracks and people know that we’re paying attention to everything they may forget.”

Compassion and Integrity

Greenwood & Myers Mortuary is the only locally-owned mortuary in Boulder, Colorado. Brothers Mike and John Greenwood and their sister Mary, all work together to provide for families who are looking for traditional funeral services.  They provide a full range of mortuary services, delivered with integrity, and a personal style that helps to make a challenging experience less stressful and confusing.

They also provide guidance through the grief process, and are dedicated to educating clients about resources they may not know they already have. (For example, some credit cards have a death benefit – but you have to ask them about it or you’d never know.)

Support for the Jewish Community

Knowing how important it is for a death experience to be personalized, Greenwood & Myers Mortuary wanted to support the Jewish community’s unique death practices, so they invited the Rabbinical Council to help them create a space sensitive to Jewish traditions. They customized a room where people perform Shmira, a quiet vigil for the body, and commissioned a beautiful mural for the wall. They also built a special room in which the Tahara (the ritual washing of the body done by selected friends and family) can be performed.

Creating Like-Minded Community

Mike Greenwood has made it a point to be of service to Boulder County in several ways. He is a past president of the Boulder Chapter of the I have a Dream Foundation, and he volunteers at Columbia Cemetery Conservation to help keep the cemetery clean and the headstones in good condition. Mike is also a member of the Knights of Columbus. In addition, Greenwood and Myers Mortuary has offered their facility for our Death Cafes as well as having different community groups meet there on a regular basis. In 2019, Greenwood and Myers is opening another office in Frederick, this one with their own crematorium, to serve the growing number of people who are choosing cremation over burial.

The most important reason that we have committed to working with each other is that for both of us, community is an integral part of creating a peaceful, meaningful experience at the end of life.

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