Death Awareness and Education

“People are always surprised when they first get into a good discussion about death.

They’re amazed that what they thought was going to be depressing ends up being about appreciating life.”

– Kim Mooney

Life and death are not separate events. They aren’t even sequential.  If we pay attention, we realize that we have died many times during our lives, when we’ve had to let go of things or ideas that were precious to us. Fear of our own physical death is natural, but needn’t terrify us so much that we are paralyzed.

In fact, our attitude can be a conscious choice. When we trust the truth and realize that we all have the ability to face our death, we are better equipped to live every day with great gratitude and without holding back.

Isn’t that the life we all want?

Through workshops, presentations and private consulting, Practically Dying can help you break down your fears around death. Once you realize what you can control and what you can manage, you can accept that there is only one thing you cannot change – death itself.  If you simply open to the curiosity we all have about the unknown, you may find yourself astonished at how curious and hungry we all are for the truth about life and death.

You can only live a fabulous life if you know just how precious it is.

Explore some of our most popular presentation topics on our Practically Speaking page, or contact Kim to come up with a talk of offering tailored to your group’s specific needs.




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