Don’t Let the Boogeyman Get You

He’s not under the bed anymore. He’s not in your closet. He’s in your head. Everybody is talking about death these days, as long as it isn’t THEIRS. But yours is the only one you can change (not if, but how). And many people don’t realize that you should be preparing for any medical emergency where you can’t make decisions for yourself, not just dying.

This ADVANCE CARE PLANNING FOR CAREFUL PEOPLE workshop will explore the approaches, information and documents that will support you and your family when you’re incapacitated, whether tomorrow, in a year, or at the end of your life. Imagining a medical emergency when you can’t speak for yourself is one thing. Knowing how to protect your family and yourself is another.

When the workshop is over…

You will feel well informed about the things you may have to deal with in medical emergencies.
You will leave with a set of medical advance directives that will help your advocates effectively represent you when you need them.

You will probably have laughed more, you will have been touched by personal stories, and you will feel more confident than you expected.

Registration: Fee $200 (includes comprehensive materials) and follow-up phone consultation. $140 for additional family members or friends. Payment due upon registration. Space is limited. Snacks, coffee and tea will be provided. Please bring your own lunch.

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