Founder’s Message


Death in the abstract can be woven of wonder and humor, offering an opportunity to explore it as natural, as curiosity, as friend. This approach can open our hearts and minds ​ and lighten the uneasiness we feel about the marriage of death with life.

Death in the personal can be a most devastating experience, painful in frightening ways, with the power to destroy our lives as we have known them. It deserves the most respectful form of care and consideration we can summon, beginning with the moment it becomes about us and those we love.

Through workshops, presentations and individual consultations, Practically Dying embraces and supports both of these touch points – and the poignancy and chaos in between – inviting us to think lightly about death when we can, and respond deeply to dying and death when it is our own precious experience.

There is a great need in our culture to decipher the myths and untangle the complexities of dying. Being afraid of death isn’t a bad place to be.  It wakes us up to what having a finite life means. Being terrified of death paralyzes us and leaves us feeling powerless. Avoidance prevents us from using our curiosity to become more skilled and empowered.

Our hope is to offer Practically Dying as one of the most sophisticated, comprehensive educational sources for support and information on how to consider dying, death and grief from a healthy perspective.

Everything we do reflects this goal.  Our workshops, presentations and consultations take the fear out of approaching the subject of death so we can relate to the idea of dying and our own deaths with forethought, deliberation and advocacy.

These skills become an investment in the quality and purpose of our lives.

I invite you to join us.

Kim Mooney

Founder, Pratically Dying

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