Have you lost someone important to you and are grieving through the holidays?

Grieving someone you love who’s died is hard enough. Trying to do it during the holidays can be even harder. It’s the time of year when we’re expected to be happy, busy and social. And we sometimes expect that of ourselves.

It’s important you know what your grief is like.

You might be someone who cries; you might be someone who just doesn’t. You might have days of exhaustion, or be irritable for no apparent reason. You might not be able to concentrate. Or you might feel all of those things in one day.

It’s important to know that you don’t have to do things the same ways you always have.

You can change traditions, let them go, or create new ways to participate in holiday affairs. You don’t have to send Christmas cards; you can leave social gatherings when you’re overwhelmed; you can be creative about giving gifts and how to manage different people wanting different things of you.

There are three things that will define your holidays

  • Honor the truth that things are different and so are you.
  • Be flexible in your expectations and how you make plans.
  • Build allies who can support you when you need help taking care of yourself.

Be gentle with yourself.

That takes strength and is a gift only you can give yourself. At the same time that you are honoring what is breaking your heart, look to find what is good and what you can be grateful for.

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