Looking at different ways to Practice Dying.

Kim Mooney of Practically Dying, co-host of the quarterly series says that we spend our lives trying to avoid dying

“but the truth is each of us does it every day. If we lean into it just a bit rather than back off, we learn enough about ourselves to defuse the nature of our fear.”

Kim Mooney, Rosemary Lohndorf, Susan Nemcek - Practicing DyingToday’s guests are Rosemary Lohndorf, MA, has been teaching adults and children for over 30 years. She is a certified Sage-ing Mentor with the ALEPH program and a Spiritual Director. She is a certified Journal to the Self® and SoulCollage® instructor, a retired principal, and co-author of The Flourishing Principal. She also co-facilitated Boulder Sage-ing, a chapter of Sage-ing International for the last four years; Susan Nemcek is a classical homeopath and founder of Willow Farm, a Contemplative Center dedicated to developing the relationship between living an awakened life and dying with love and dignity.

KGNU Public Radio: Practicing Dying
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Practicing Dying

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