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Practically Dying’s Kim Mooney is an experienced, vibrant and entertaining speaker. She is available for public and private speaking engagements for your conference, group, organization or workplace, from large keynotes to intimate gatherings.

Explore some of her most popular presentation topics below, or work with Kim to come up with a talk tailored to meet your group’s specific needs.


  • DEATH TRADITIONS AROUND THE WORLD  – A fascinating look at how traditions in other cultures and societies are similar and different than ours.

  • BUT I DON’T WANT TO DIE – I LIKE IT HERE!  (and other helpful information for facing eviction) –  An open discussion of what death is, why it’s just not smart to ignore it, and how to laugh in its face.  Sort of.

  • A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON MY WAY TO THE AFTERLIFE (apparently I had to die to get there)  – An exploration of how to seriously approach your own dying and death using three profound principles.

  • PLAYING WITH THE EDGE –  An experiential workshop to deepen our understanding of our relationship between life and death –  where there is mystery, what we can hope to understand about it, and how to use it to live our lives more fully.



  • CRITICAL CONVERSATIONS – Where do you begin and where are they supposed to get you?

  • THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IN MY LIFE: – We all carry within us the personal values and qualities that shape how we live our lives, most of the time without thinking about it. End-of-life care can present us with unfamiliar challenges about how to apply those values to critical decisions we’ve never had to make before.  Most of us want our personal priorities to guide those decisions.

  • THEIR VOICE, THEIR CHOICE  – Naming a health care agent can be one of most important choices in your life.  Someone who will speak for you when you can’t needs to understand your wishes and how to be an effective advocate in potentially difficult situations.  We’ll explore how to consider who that might be, how to create support for them, and how to help make sure they don’t feel like they’ve failed.

  • FROM HERE TO THERE – End-of-life care is an entirely unique form of medical care and personal direction, and navigating it requires different tools, different information and different roads than the curative medicine we have lived with during our lives.  Starting now to develop inner and outer resources and strategies builds skills and teamwork that helps us continue to navigate these changes for the rest of our lives.

  • DEATH OVER DINNER –  How we want to die represents the most important and costly conversation we aren’t having. Gather your friends and fill a table for an uplifting interactive adventure that transforms this seemingly difficult conversation into one of deep engagement, insight and empowerment.



  • UNDERSTANDING THE NATURE OF GRIEF AND LOSS –  Dispelling myths and understanding loss in our own lives can empower us to see grief as an incredible natural coping  mechanism and treat ourselves and others with respect, compassion and skill.

  • GRIEF IN THE WORKPLACE – Integrating a death or organizational loss requires balancing the human response with the demands of business.  With creativity and productive intervention, it is possible to support employees, minimize work disruption, and create stronger teams.   (NOTE: Kim has  extensive experience, training and specific expertise in responding to specific workplace losses, expected, unexpected and traumatic. )

  • DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL – There are experiences in our lives that challenge our deep hopes that we can make it through.  Learning how to ‘take a deep seat’ can help us hold spiritual emergencies in a light that instead creates spiritual emergence.

  • GRIEF COUNSELORS NETWORK – This eight-week group helps clinicians from all disciplines learn how to support clients through a sophisticated understanding of grief as a wellness model rather than as a problem or psychological issue.


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