Relationships change as lives change. Increasingly, individuals expect their professional advisors to be able to deal with them supportively as they struggle with losses and transitions.

Practically Dying can work with your firm to develop compassionate, professional, and skillful approaches to dealing with clients in end-of-life matters in ways that support and enhance your core business.

Advance care planning completed without consideration for the complex holistic implications of realistic end-of-life situations can result in unnecessary traumatic legal, ethical, financial and medical events.  Without a sense of how it all works together, your clients may leave the wrong directions or make choices with unintended consequences.

Creating a sensitive environment that recognizes how changes in health, financial circumstances, divorce and death can change a client’s thinking or needs can help you develop and deepen your relationship with them.

Practically Dying can work with you and your team to provide end-of-life advocacy for your clients, beginning with a comprehensive assessment of advance care planning goals and development of evolving planning strategies as a part of the context of your work with them. We have the time and expertise to compassionately support your clients and their families with the time it takes to process complex medical  information, and can work skillfully with your staff to support their emotional states.

We can also assist with training your staff to identify and support grief responses in clients dealing with losses and transitions of all kinds.  And we can show them how to open up sensitive discussions with clients about changes in health, family relationships and end-of-life topics relevant to your scope of practice, as well as how to continue those conversations as time goes on.

As an experienced, knowledgeable and nationally recognized advocate in the areas of dying, death and grief, Practically Dying founder Kim Mooney is available as an independent consultant in your office or your clients’ homes.  She can also facilitate groups of clients and their families in a single educational session or a series of sessions in your offices, creating value-added offerings sponsored by your practice.

CONTACT KIM to schedule a meeting to discuss how Practically Dying can assist your firm or organization.

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