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“Dealing with end-of-life issues can be a great challenge for one who is single, childless, and without much family. Questions arise that are difficult to answer, and emotions can be high when trying to deal with the logic and logistics of legal documents. All of this was made much easier with the assistance of Kim Mooney.

After taking one of her workshops about end-of-life documents, I was able to meet with her one-on-one to get specific help for my particular circumstances, financial status, and personality. Kim is not only an expert in her field, knowing just about everything there is to know about death and dying – she is also one of the most compassionate, caring, gentle, and considerate people I know.

She was able to help me get past emotional blocks to deal with the practicality of my situation, and get my documents finished.  I am now much more knowledgeable and prepared for any hospitalization or other fate that I may meet.”

                                     – Jan DeCourtney, CMT, CNA



“I have had a busy Elder Law practice in Boulder and the Front Range for over 20 years.  For most of that time, I have known Kim Mooney.  We have presented together and I have attended many of her presentations and panels.  She is far and away the most knowledgeable, articulate and passionate speaker and counselor on advance care planning and issues surrounding death, dying, and grief that I know.  This work is her passion and it shows in her marvelous, humorous and informative presentations.  I heartily recommend her for groups, individuals or  families  who wish to learn more about end-of life planning.”

– Rick Romeo,  Vincent, Romeo & Rodriguez, LLC

“I first heard Kim’s name more than 15 years ago, as I was just beginning to explore the end-of-life field. Everyone I met said, “You have to talk to Kim Mooney.”  I did, and have never stopped benefiting from her wisdom and dedication. For the past two decades, Kim has been passionately engaged in community education to create greater awareness and openness toward death and dying, especially upstream from terminal illness and care.

Kim has that rare combination of strategic, programmatic vision and warm, personal authenticity. At the strategic level, Kim has made significant contributions to the end-of-life infrastructure statewide and nationally. In the classroom”or one on one, she brings both soul-deep sensitivity and a healthy sense of humor to difficult topics. She is a gifted, innovate educator and inspiring, nurturing presence.

– Jennifer Ballentine, Co-Chair, Colorado Advance Directives Consortium

Nearly a quarter century ago, Kim Mooney approached a naive young journalist to start a dialogue about death, dying and grief. With humor, grace and nuance, she became the inspiration and guiding force behind stories that won national awards, columns and projects that helped illuminate and demystify end-of-life issues for tens of thousands of readers.

She also walked beside me with compassion as I grieved the death of my brother (and best friend) and father. Kim has been both wise woman & friend, inspiring me to become a hospice volunteer & passionate advocate for education and choice around end-of-life issues.

 – Clay Evans, Boulder Daily Camera


“Kim Mooney is absolutely the funniest person I know.  Her humor gives a light touch to her many years of experience in death education and grief counseling.  Her knowledge is broad and her experience is deep.  I rely on her as my “go to” person for accurate and up-to-date information on all matters regarding death and grief in our society.”

–  Kitty Edwards, Executive Director, The Living & Dying Consciously Project

“Kim is such a wonderful asset to our community, knowledgeable about a wide variety of end-of-life issues, and so willing to participate by giving talks and answering questions. The presentations she creates are great.  They are creative yet accessible to a wide audience and cover the important issues so well.  Kim’s service, insight and humor are highly appreciated.

 –  Ray Hockedy, Chairman, Compassion & Choices Boulder

“Kim is arguably one of the best grief educators when it comes to teaching experienced therapists the art of helping others through the process of complicated grief and loss. She’s masterful at summarizing and presenting the latest research from experts in the field with a friendly entertaining sense of humor! I endorse her work and recommend her highly to anyone wanting to advance their skills in the field of grief therapy.”

 – Barry Erdman, LCSW, DCSW, Co-founder, Grief Therapists Training Seminar

“Kim, thank you again for your very informative and motivating presentation. I’m impressed with how many of the bases you covered in such a very short time.   Your sensitive and grounded approach makes it possible for people to take in and start addressing the often confusing and threatening issue of end of life planning.”

– David Silver, MD

“I have worked with Kim Mooney for almost 20 years. She is extraordinarily gifted in the  field of end of life counseling and grief issues, and I would recommend her on a personal level to anyone  that I know and on a professional level to any of my clients or colleagues.

I got to know Kim through her work with Hospice. She was and is knowledgeable, thoughtful and nurturing and yet also very direct and focused on what needs to be accomplished.  Kim understands the  deeply conflicted emotional issues that families face when discussing end of life decisions, is cognizant  that people do not always hear what doctors and lawyers are telling them, and is considerate of the need to explain, restate, and reiterate so much information critical to good decision making.

I could cite dozens of situations where Kim’s gifts gave people something no one else could give them.  I ran a training program for national and international lawyers. During a program several years ago a female scholarship student from Nigeria, whose family had sacrificed to allow her to attend, received word that she had lost her mother. Her immediate reaction was guilt and remorse, and she considered  returning home.  Helpless to assist her, I called Kim.  Although Kim had no obligation to this young  woman, and no payment was involved, she spent hours with her, working through her grief, allowing her to sort out her obligations to her family, to herself, and to her country, and to make the decision to stay.

Kim’s new endeavor is broader based, and one that lawyers, especially estate planners, public  administrators and those practicing elder law, should acquaint themselves with. As lawyers, we can offer forms and an understanding of processes.  But in order to make sure that our clients have an understanding of the values involved, the family issues that will arise from the decisions they put on

paper, they need to tap into the breadth and depth that Kim Mooney brings to end of life discussions. “

– Terre Rushton, J.D.


“I have had the great pleasure to work with Kim on issues that we both are very passionate about – caregiving and end of life care. Her deep knowledge of these life-impacting issues is matched only by her innate ability to engage, educate and train people from all walks of life and cultures. It is no surprise that she is highly respected by her peers and the families she has touched.  They love her! She truly is a thought leader in end of life programming and Kim’s high-level understanding and practical approach to the subject matter has greatly benefitted those of us who have been fortunate enough to work with her.”

 – Cec Ortiz, Colorado Latino Age Wave

“I have been privileged to experience many aspects of Kim’s expertise in her field of death, dying, and grieving. Professionally, she is a joy to work with. However, my most profound experience with Kim was a personal one.

This year a dear, dear friend of mine died within weeks of her cancer diagnosis. Kim’s exceptional organization of the my friend’s care team made her last weeks as seamless and peaceful as possible. Kim not only gently organized the hell out of us, she also provided unstinting emotional support for care team, friends, and family alike. Her compassion, humor, and ability to go straight to the heart of the most touchy matters was a Godsend. Kim is simply the best!”

 – Sue Patton Thoele, former psychotherapist, author, & chaplain

“Kim Mooney’s empathy, understanding and experience combine to make her a heartfelt support to the dying and those who love them. When a parishioner of mine was in deep distress over the death of his estranged spouse, Kim helped me help him negotiate a tangled web of relationships to empower him both to stay connected, and to grieve in hope and sensitivity. Kim’s kind, compassionate, informed support made an enormous difference!”

                                     – Rev. Dr. Stan Adamson

“Kim created an atmosphere of safety, learning, laughter, and empathy in her “Conversations About End of Life Now” class. She dives into hard-to-discuss issues with depth of knowledge, thoroughness and presence. She imparted a sense of the importance of this work, at the same time skillfully bringing in her humor and quick wit. She is a joy to work with!”

                                     – Beverly Baima

“When new legislation broadened the areas a person could address in advance directives, I was confused about the implementation. As an attorney with a general civil practice, I rely on experts to keep me up to date on many topics.  I had seen Kim present in the past so I called her for resources and she suggested that I attend one of her Advance Directives workshops.  It was time well-spent!  More important than the updates in the legislation were the discussions about how to make these important decisions.  It gave me a wonderful perspective on how to guide someone through these choices, as I am sometimes asked to do.

Kim followed up a month later via e-mail to see what progress people were making.  That was a brilliant idea as it was an additional nudge that is often needed to make those all-important decisions! I would recommend Kim’s workshops to anyone who needs to do their advance directives – all of us!”

– Trude Kleess,  Attorney-at-Law

“Kim has a great ability to bring compassion and humor to very difficult topics.  Her self-disclosure provides the audience with an ability to connect with her and talk about difficult issues.  Our audience leaves with resources, information, self-care tools and connection with others that they can identify with.  Most importantly, they leave with hope.  Kim Mooney is an outstanding speaker who is invested in providing the highest quality trainings. “

– Olga Vera-Nesmith, Director, Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, University of Colorado

“This set of advance directives workshops was the most valuable training I’ve ever attended on end-of-life planning.  Kim’s expertise, style and ability to connect were key factors in helping me finally understand why preparing ahead of time is so important and how to feel confident doing it.

– Lea Abdnor


“Kim Mooney is passionate about improving the lives of everyone she meets. She educates and inspires about difficult topics and situations with grace and humor. Her base of knowledge is unprecedented.

I have been fortunate to interact with her in many situations and each has made me a better person and a better estate planning attorney. I have picked Kim’s brain one on one to really understand how the documents I create for clients are used by first responders and at the hospice stage. At my request, she has also spoken at the Boulder Bar Association Continuing Legal Education series to encourage details and conversations for all involved in the process of dying. As lawyers, we look for concrete answers but need to be made aware of how to create flexible documents with care, Kim Mooney gives us tools to accomplish this goal.”

–  Stephanie Schacht, Attorney at Law

“Clear insight, compassion, and wisdom are the words I would use to describe Kim Mooney’s work. During my ten years as Director of the University of Colorado-Boulder Office of Victim Assistance, our staff repeatedly collaborated and consulted with Kim Mooney. Her expertise related to grief and bereavement was invaluable to us. She repeatedly assisted us in navigating the challenging world of acute grief and traumatic loss. “

 – Amy Robertson

“Kim’s experience and insights were invaluable to us in knowing the differences and in filling out the Medical Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare Decisions and the Advance Directive for Medical/Surgical Treatment (living will) forms.  Putting off filling out these forms is easy to do, but with Kim’s help, it’s being proactive and done with humor, dignity and respect.”

  – Vicki & Jim Barbour

“I had the pleasure of attending a Death over Dinner which Kim guided, and was surprised to find it was very comfortable, engaging and educational.  Kim created a space for an honest conversation among all of us about death with candor, honesty, respect and a bit of humor.  She made the entire subject interesting, approachable and natural!  I went home feeling informed and empowered to think about how I want to approach the truth of my own death.  And it all happened over a wonderful meal with friends!”

– Randy Riggin

“I have such respect for Kim Mooney. She’s clever, funny, smart, and when it comes to the field of thanatology, she is incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate.”

– Patti Anewalt, Director, Pathways Center for Grief and Loss







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