The Conversation Project, in Boulder County was formed in 2013, based on the nationally-acclaimed work of Boston Globe columnist and author, Ellen Goodman. Her project took root after she had the experience of guiding her dying mother’s care. Unfortunately, they had never broached this delicate subject and Ellen found herself adrift, not knowing what her mother’s end-of-life care wishes would be.

Constance Holden and Jean Abbott, MD, co-founded this county-wide initiative to develop different avenues to approach difficult conversations surrounding end-of-life care. Their mission is to foster meaningful and effective conversations around future medical care, resulting in the appointment of an informed decision-maker. With over 80 combined years of experience working with people facing end of life, they were aware of the challenges people face when they’re not prepared for end-of-life choices.

Since 2013, The Conversation Project has reached over 10,000 people in Boulder County.

Starting the conversation is never easy – no one wants to sound gloomy or to upset ourselves or others. However, families and health care professionals report that it is a relief when the subject of how we want the end of our life to look is brought into the open. End-of-life wishes and choices can be honored because of careful forethought and conversation.

Practically Dying has been involved with The Conversation Project since its beginning. Kim Mooney, founder of Practically Dying sits on the Advisory Board and serves as an Education Consultant, helping with outreach efforts to a variety of communities. Visit Practically Dying’s website to see how Kim’s events and offerings can help you start these critical conversations.

Enjoy this short video that gives you some ideas about what to say!

The Conversation Project in Boulder County


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Kim Mooney

Kim Mooney is an end-of-life consultant and educator who has worked with hospices and as an independent consultant for faith communities, corporations, health care and mental health agencies. She is a Thanatologist certified by the international Association of Death Education and Counseling, a keynote speaker, published author, and workshop and training facilitator. and a former member of the Board of Directors of ADEC. She has sat on the ethics committees for both hospice and hospital organizations and is a former member of the Board of the Colorado HealthCare Ethics Forum. Kim focuses on end-of-life planning and aspects of dying and death that most people don’t think about.
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