The upcoming Lunch and Learn Series provides excellent focused professional education that will challenge you, that is respectful of your time, and that creates an exciting cross-pollination of ideas from different environments and disciplines.

Kim Mooney is the recipient of the first Community Educator Award from the international Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC)

Drawing on my 26 years of working with grief, and using written materials, videos and the stories of other participants, you will develop a full-bodied sense of the nature of grief as a natural process and a powerful life-altering experience. Meeting once a month gives you the time to process and respond to each lesson as we build a knowledge base in each session.

What I truly appreciated about Kim’s group was the excellent content – information about the many shades of grief, different approaches to support, and the evolution of grief theory. – Heidi Wilson, Psychotherapist

Learning from your home or office allows you to maximize comfort and focus without travel time. But I have also seen that working with sensitive material like grief – even as a professional – is sometimes easier when you have a bit of a buffer to process impactful material. Being in an online format creates the advantage of being present and a bit insulated at the same time.

Whether you’ve been wondering if there is anything else you can do to help someone who is deeply grieving, or you just want to develop your professional skill set, this course will deepen your understanding of the human experience of loss in a way that is unavailable in other offerings.

Lunch & Learn for Professionals offers a unique opportunity to:

  • engage in in-depth queries and discussions
  • examine the emotional, social and ethical aspects of bereavement
  • cultivate best practices developed by leading subject matter experts
  • exchange ideas with professionals from different environments and disciplines
  • get personalized guidance for a fraction of the cost of individual consultations

This ten-month long online course priced at $950/site is valued at $1750

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your expertise. Kim Mooney has won national awards for innovative approaches to death support and education, most recently the international Association of Death Education and Counseling’s 2018 Community Educator Award.

Prior to founding Practically Dying in 2014, Kim worked for more than two decades within hospice at local, state and national levels. During those years, she cultivated a broad set of skills in end-of-life care, crisis intervention and grief support.

Class starts soon! Sign up, or contact Kim if you have any questions.


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