CIVHC Connect: Caring and Preparing for Serious Illness

Earlier this year, I presented with two colleagues at a day-long conference — CIVHC Connect: Caring and Preparing for Serious Illness.

The Conversation in Action

Our presentation, called The Conversation in Action, highlighted the critical conversations that need to occur between patients and medical providers—about the kind of care you want if you are very sick and can’t speak for yourself. Without that clear and direct information, providers can only guess how to treat you.

To liven up what can be a somber conversation, we created a skit. The three of us took roles as the doctor, the patient, and her suspicious, impatient out-of-town daughter. I got the plum role of daughter, and enjoyed being pushy and asking hard questions.

Afterward we discussed with the audience what went right and what went wrong. They responded with what could have been done better to facilitate a meaningful discussion with good outcomes.

Talking through conversations like this can save people from distressing medical emergencies at the end of life. They also help us all find our way to a peaceful death that completes the way we lived.

Documenting wishes about end-of-life care creates peace of mind for patients, and their loved ones.

Overview of projects in Colorado working to further consumers’ adoption of advance care planning. Many groups across the state are engaging people in their communities and educating them on the importance of documenting their wishes, not just for their own peace of mind, but also for that of their loved ones.

Kim Mooney is a Change Agent for CIVHC Connect, an organization that is working toward improving value in the health care system by ‘breaking down the barriers’ that compromise affordability and quality care.

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