Do you really understand hospice… and what it means?

On paper, we say “it’s a way of caring for dying people and their families that addresses physical, emotional and spiritual distress.”

In real life, it’s a highly skilled and diverse team who ‘get’ dying. When you are in pain, they know how to manage it. When you don’t know what to do, they help you figure out what’s most important and how to get it done. When you worry about your friends and family, they’ve got them covered.

Does hospice work perfectly all the time? Absolutely not. Is it the most incredible service we can offer a most vulnerable population? Absolutely.

There’s a saying in my field: If you think it’s hard to talk about death, guess what’s harder? When you don’t talk about it.

Learn what hospice means now (when it’s not part of the threat of imminent death), and then tuck it away in a back pocket until you need it. Check out some of your local hospices’ websites. Ask your friends if they’ve had any experiences with hospice. Just gather information, like you would about any trip you’re going to make in the future.

Understand hospice now.

Download my free pdf, ‘How to Choose A Hospice’ below… Understand hospice now, so you can get ready. So you can make good choices when you have to… so you can stay in charge of how the end of your life goes.



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