One-On-One Consulting

Dealing with end-of-life issues can be frightening, emotional and deeply personal.  Meet with Kim for one-on-one or small personal group consultation and receive support, resources and tools to deal with your own unique situation.

Are you a professional organization looking for death and dying consultations?

Kim is available to work with your professional organization, faith group or association to develop customized curriculum, customized workshops and trainings or professional projects and initiatives that promote quality of life and the integrity of death.  Kim is also a national award-winning speaker and writer and can cover a wide range of topics as a Keynote speaker at national or regional professional group meetings.

Curriculum Creation Expertise

As professional caregivers, death and the dying process is something we deal with first-hand with our clients.  We need the skills to listen, observe and respond skillfully to a client’s changing physical and emotional needs. We approached Kim as soon as we set out to build our Professional caregiving Training curriculum on end-of-life and grief.  Her expertise, unique perspective, authenticity and approachable teaching style get right to the core of what’s most important for caregivers to know.  Kim understands the balance between personal and professional grief and living with dying. She weaves in meaningful and heartful stories – stories that really teach, stories that encourage sharing, and stories that instill new ideas and approaches to care.   She is wise, kind, upbeat and insightful.

Sandi McCann
Home Care of the Rockies