Workplace grief is a naturally complicated issue, as it involves personal responses in a professional environment. Employers have come to realize that in order to support and retain employees and to maintain attractive and productive work environments, it is important to appropriately address issues of grief in the workplace. Yet, management skill sets do not routinely include training about how to support individual or collective grief issues. As the workforce of America “grays”, bringing with it higher and more intense losses (health concerns, aging parents, deaths) it is even more critical to recognize these issues.

In this workshop, we will explore

  • Understanding the nature of grief in a workplace setting
  • Overt and covert impact of grief in the workplace
  • Range of Losses in a Workplace
  • Restructuring of teams/organization
  • Personal employee losses
  • Employee illness
  • Financial changes
  • Employee death
  • Traumatic Event
  • Team Dynamics
  • Legalities and Ethics
  • Staff expectations of management
  • Management expectations of staff
  • Supporting Others in Grief
    • Administration
    • Management/HR
    • Co-workers
  • Identifying high-risk grief in employees
  • Appropriate in-house interventions
  • Grief rituals and remembrances
  • Appropriate community interventions
[Half day training]
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